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About Astronumerology

There are several different kinds of numerology; each has its particular strengths. However, even the best system is worthless without clear and consistent interpretation relative to the issues at hand.

With clarity, insight, and compassion Jesse Kalsi consults with individuals regarding their personal and business lives. For more information, search this site to learn more about the particular type of numerology that Jesse uses – and how it has affected the lives of his customers.

I use the term “AstroNumerology” because I associate numbers with planets, which are astronomical bodies. AstroNumerology is not about adding numbers up; it is about looking at each individual number, since each represents a particular planet, and considering the totality of the number’s own “planetary system.” Each planet is further associated with different precious & semi-precious gems, colors, and the basic relationships of planets within the Solar System.

Adding a certain number to improve a vibration for a home or business (“patching”)* is like adding the energy of another planet to a home or business. Most homes or businesses are patched very specifically, based on the type of business or the date(s) of birth and names(s) of the person(s) living in the residence.

In the Vedic tradition, numbers are also related to the four elements, which correspond to the cardinal points. Since I grew up in India, I was surrounded by Vedic traditions, including Vedic numerology. However, I use the following correspondences between numbers and planets:

1. The Sun
2. The Moon
3. Jupiter
4. Uranus
5. Mercury
6. Venus
7. Neptune
8. Saturn
9. Mars

Many traditional Vedic numerologists just add numbers up until they achieve a single-digit result and work with the characteristics only of that number. A home address of 2733 would thus be 2+7+3+3 or 15, then 1+5, or 6. The Vedic numerologist would then consult on the characteristics of the number 6 with the client. However, AstroNumerology takes all the planetary energies present in an address into account. Using the same home address, we see that 2733 has the Moon, followed by Neptune, followed by two Jupiters. These planets move about each other in a Venus vibration. All five of these planets (remember, two Jupiters!) must be considered.

Let’s look at a well-known address: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. Many traditional Vedic numerologies would add this up to a 7 (1+6+0+0) and consult with the client about the number 7 alone. In AstroNumerology, the number 1600 represents the Sun and Venus moving about each other in a Neptune vibration. The two zeroes amplify, for better or for worse, the energies represented by all three planets. The Sun and Venus together on a home address have a discordant energy. This combination also brings in confusion, deception, and miscommunication. One must be careful while close to a fire, whether in a fireplace or the kitchen, because accidents could easily happen near the flames.

If 1600 were a business address, it could be extremely profitable, depending on the kind of business. Food, music, and technology are three businesses which could flourish in such a number.

Unfortunately, diplomacy and policy are not enterprises that flourish in this vibration, as many United States Presidents have discovered to their dismay. The number 1600 is also destructive of personal reputations and personal growth.

In summary, when I look at a given number, I first see it as it is. 11, for example, is not 1+1, but 11. It has the energy of the Sun twice, but it is a Moon vibration. To ignore the two Suns side by side would be folly. However, this Moon vibration is quite different from that of, say, 47 (Uranus + Neptune), which many traditional Vedic numerologists would “add up” to 11 and then to 2, and treat alike. However, 47 has completely different planetary energies from 11 and can bring a completely different set of challenges to those persons who reside or work in it..